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World Mental Health Day: Tips for dealing with trauma from the pandemic .com/watch?v=1GElP2zEg5k

The World Health Organization said anxiety and depression disorders rose 25% during the first year of the pandemic. #who #worldhealthorganization #world #anxiety #depression #pandemic #mentalhealth #abcnews #abcnlupdate

17 Replies to “World Mental Health Day: Tips for dealing with trauma from the pandemic”

  1. What people donÔÇÖt understand no pope of the world is your spiritual father no man is GOD is

  2. ajj kal har insan boath busy ratha hai ji karan hr kisi ki mental health thik nahi rah pati jis k karan mai to aepni health ko thik rakhna k lyea planet ayurveda ki Brahmi Chyawanprash use karte hu jis se meri mental health thik rathi hai

  3. I’ve had conversations with people that are STILL using Covid as an excuse for not doing what they need to do & I’m in FL, where there was NO shutdowns. During the Pandemic, we were stationed in KS & my husband was halfway around the world the entire time & I was by myself with 4 kids.
    I’m gonna sound like a butthead, but people need to just make themselves do stuff. At some point, that is what has to happen.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips! I agree! Talking about whatÔÇÖs bothering you or your mental health is very important! If anyone is looking for mental health services in DuPage County, feel free to contact Natobe Healthcare! They offer telepsychiatry services as well!

  5. Watching this video with subtitles and sound off because I was so lucky to spend the pandemic in a room where a sociopath lives underneath who can hear every single sound.

    1. Oh and I am lying awake because I woke up from a bad dream like almost every night. I realised it could also be because the sociopath goes to bed very late and that I probably wake up because of the noise he is making. Maybe on purpose.

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