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The Impact of Gut Health For Mental Health and Relapse Prevention .com/watch?v=oyNp0dEtWfE

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36 Replies to “The Impact of Gut Health For Mental Health and Relapse Prevention”

  1. What was one surprising fact you learned from this presentation? OR…. What question do you still need answers to as they related to the Gut-Brain axis?

    1. I have persistent depression and I learned from this that acidopholous is important for helping that. My N.D. tested me with a CSA test and I did not have even one colony of acidophilous, despite having either kefir or yogurt daily. I had plenty of the other 2 probiotics she tested me for. I have no idea what to do to fix this.

    2. Dr. Snipes, love your channel! After years of chronic job stress and anxiety, I learned a lot about the gut-brain axis and how unchecked stress can lead to IBS. The info in ‘Interventions 3’ about nutrition and supplements for mood disorders was super helpful and interesting. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Doc Snipes, as someone with Long Covid, your video has helped me to tie many of my symptoms back to my gut, and the damage done to it by the virus. Thank you so much for continuing to educate clinicians and patients alike! You have been my go-to resource in dealing with all of the changes to my brain and my body over the past 2 1/2 years and the impact it’s had on my moods and behaviors.

    1. I’ve been on a protocol (with the help of an integrative doc) of first detoxing, then combinations of probiotics/prebiotics, followed by gut healing supplements, and in between meals charcoal tabs and slippery elm bark as needed for diarrhea. I’ve also been on a low histamine diet due to Mast Cells that have been activated post-Covid. What this video and so many of your videos have helped me with is the connection between an unhealthy gut and the decline of our mental health. I don’t think enough doctors stress this connection and yet I witness it time and time again in fellow Longhaulers. Anti-depressants have their place, but unless you get to the root of the problem, you’re just putting a bandaid on a wound that’s not going to heal without additional help.

  3. Fascinating information! I’m saving this to take later notes on. I’ve been thinking about changing my eating habits for the better and this video came right on time for me 😊

    1. @Doc Snipes That is an excellent question, Doc! 🙂 I think diet changes alone don’t suffice, like you said. I might need a jumper cable. However, stress reduction is top priority for me.

  4. Dr Snipes I don’t know if anyone has told you how incredible you are recently but I have to say I am so impressed with you. All of your videos your info is cutting edge and you should be extremely proud of the work you do. I wish I had a doctor near me who had half your knowledge that I could see

    1. Thank you si much for watching and thank you for your kind words. What was your favorite tip from the video?

    2. @Doc Snipes well I have been dealing with nervous system dysregulation with severe gastrointestinal issues chronically for some time and my focus has been on the nervous system which I thought was the reason my gut is messed up but your videos make me think that maybe it’s the other way around as well or at least maybe partially one is reinforcing the other.

  5. As always ❣️ thorough understanding and knowledge to the core of each subject you explain its great having a person with in-depth information which is accessible in easy to digest portion size I work with dr’s as a team effort as we both want the same out come it’s not just dr’s throwing their certificate in patients faces expecting compliance we can learn from each other and as dr’s being humble not ego or pride driven or just tick box agendas this won’t work in the long term also it’s ok to be realistic as to what s possible THANX 4 SHARING COMMON sense and keep doing what you do💢💯❣️💥⭐🌟✨⚡🤜🤗🎉👍🤛✊🙋🤳🤝😇🔥🎊

    1. You’re so welcome. Thank you for watching and thank you for your kind words. Can you, please, tell me how you are planning to improve gut health?

    2. @Doc Snipes I’ve had a lot of gut problems over the years and allergies and autoimmune stuff a few years ago I did a detox I tried a foodmap got rid of sugar as much as I could as being in such distress I was trying to find comfort in food I got rid of any tablets like cocodamol for thumping migraine and they were affecting my bowels I now boast I can eat anything I have 100%of as many food groups lots offish meat fruit and vegetables garlic and ginger and fermented foods and only necessary supplements for the last few years my health is the best it’s going to be I’m no😇angel but it’s worthwhile and liberating highly recommended

  6. I learned that too much of a certain probiotic can just give u too much of certain types of bacteria and u might still need a better balance

  7. I had stomach aches all day when in high school due to stress. Luckily it stopped after high school. Although this year it came back due to stress in my job. The stomach pains are pretty bad. I just had to take a pain reliever today again. I fight with Candida for the last 30 years. How do I help myself?

    1. Thank you so much for watching and for sharing. I am sorry that happened to you. From what I know about Candida, is that you need to take the recommended treatment and you also have to keep foods that feed the fungus from your diet, but not before talking it over with your Doctor. Please let me know what is your favorite tip from the video. Thank you!

  8. I am so thankful that you had this subject because my system has had so much indigestion, heartburn ever since I had a crazy sickness back around a year ago with heartburn after a cold and I never got better till a few months later, the new virus actually. I just have been starting the Paleo diet and I had sugar withdrawal for longer than a week. Now I feel really good and I am going on the third week, yeah and no sore throat either. I had it from food like sugar, pasta, potatoes, chips, crackers, and dairy and that is the best diet for my issues. When I did this diet plan two years ago I never got sick so we shall see how it goes? Thanks for this and have a blessed day and evening!

    1. Thank you for watching and for sharing. I am glad the Paleo diet worked for you. Can you, please, tell me what is your favorite tip from the video? Have a blessed day!

    2. The main topic got my attention and it’s amazing how our thinking has so much to do with our gut health and when we clean out our gut our thinking gets more clear, and if someone has depression those three vitamins help it get better. Vitamin d3, k2, and vitamin E are the vitamins that go together that is my tip that you helped me with. Thanks for sharing you’re talk it all is good and have a blessed day!

  9. Please help me I suffer From lack of sleep and different thoughts comes in my mind and past thoughts please help me how I can be free again ????

    1. My exam was going for 3 days and I feel tense and couldn’t sleep but I feel weak and I can’t sleep at night sleep comes in the day at 7. Or 8 am why it happening can’t you please tell???

  10. Depression is not a serotonin issue. It has nothing to do with imbalance in neurotransmitters

    This is according to the most recent studies

  11. I have a congenital medical condition (primary immunodeficiency) that impacts the gut microbiome. Basically my immune system doesn’t work well enough to keep the gut microbiome normal and in balance. I’ve also had depression since since childhood. Some of that is due to childhood trauma but a significant contributor is also my physical health. I’ve noticed when my GI symptoms improve, my mental health symptoms also improve.

    Anyone suffering from mental health issues should get a check up from their primary doctor to see if there is some physical problem that might be contributing. The body and brain are very connected.

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